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Six Birthday Party Ideas for a Perfect Birthday Photo Shoot


Birthday, the day we came into this Earth. After our parents nurtured us for 9 months in the womb, this is the day we finally saw the light of dawn. It’s a day of commemoration in the memory of our nativity, which definitely calls for a party.  We want to capture various pictures of this day. But, do you suffer from a lack of ideas for your party? I know you want to throw a different themed party every year and grab amazing shots but you don’t have enough ideas.birthday party

Here are six birthday party ideas for a great birthday photo shoot:

  • Costume party: You can never go wrong with a costume theme party. Let yourself or your kids dress as their favourite fictional character and ask the friends to come dressed as theirs. You know everyone’s going to come in their A- games. Costume parties allow you to have the best, colourful and fun photoshoot. The pictures are going to be hilarious and something that you’ll remember forever.
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  • Neon lights: The next best idea for a birthday party is the Neon lights party. Imagine a party with nothing but neon lights flashing. You can get wild and have fun to your heart’s content. And the photoshoot pictures are going to be extraordinary. Throw such a party, and trust me that’s all your friends are going to be talking for days to come.
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  • Sunday brunch style: If you’re the person who is more into the subtle art of life then you must love this idea. Make a birthday party like a subtle Sunday brush. Close friends, family, barbecue, beers and lots of laughter and memories. The chill atmosphere and calmness will be portrayed in the pictures, making it super memorable.
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  • Disney themed party: If you’re a girl and you grew up watching Disney princess movies, you know you’ve wanted that big pink cake, and pink balloons and all that princesses vibe. Well, that is all that. Big ball gown, tiara, big beautiful cake, balloons, confetti, sparkles and lights. You’ve got to get it all. The pictures are going to look so magical. This is going to be something you will never forget.
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  • Retro themed party: Ever wondered what was life like back in the 70’s or 80’s? Well, why not live it once? Throw yourself a 70’s or 80’s themed party. Give your parents a look back at their past and let them all enjoy that, while you experience the amazing occurrence.
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  • Winter wonderland: Make your birthday party a winter wonderland. Get yourself a snowmaker, some bounce houses, and various other things to make your very own theme park at your backyard. You know that’s one of a kid birthday party and the pictures are going to make everyone as to where you went and how you got there?
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Use these ideas to make your birthday party a memorable one, not just for you, but also for your family and friends. This is when not only are you get photos but also your friends and family.  A good backdrop makes a picture even more interesting and makes sure to use this day to a maximum to get a really amazing picture.