The Need of Photo Editing Workflow

When you think about a wedding photographer, what are the things that come to your mind? The photographer clicking pictures of the bride, groom, guests, the ambience, what and what not, isn’t it? And then you wait for the day when the photographs will be delivered to you.  What we layman do not know is the photo editing workflow. There are so many steps a photographer goes through before he/she delivers the photographs to the clients that we hardly can imagine. There are so many steps they follow before they deliver the images to us that we have no clue about. It is not only clicking photographs and handing them over to us. It is way more than what we think about it.

To know photo editing workflow from a closer side, the first thing to be done is to understand what photo editing workflow actually is. Well, it is basically a procedure that is followed step by step from the very starting till finishing the project. It is more of organising everything from clicking the pictures to delivering the final photographs to the clients.

Let us now discuss the need of photo editing workflow as it will bring us the importance of the subject:

  • So much of data: Indian weddings mostly run for 2-3 days. This means that there will be more than 40,000 pictures. In such a case, the chances of losing the data become higher.
  • Easy selection: While hurrying up to deliver the project, it would not be prudent to choose any picture and give it to the clients. While a particular process is followed, the selection of the photographs gets easier. And to do it all, efficiency becomes the keyword.
  • Avoid Duplication: With such a heap of pictures, it is quite possible to get into the problem of duplication. However, when a process is followed, such issues can be avoided. In fact, this will help the photographer save himself/herself from the damage of reputation.
  • Editing: Editing plays a vital role in the process. This is the reason; an editor has to be efficient in his/her job. This is perhaps the last work the photographer is doing on the photographs. Many times photographers outsource the job to the editors. It is in a way prudent as editing must be done by the one who has a deeper knowledge of it.
  • Timely Delivery: The entire process is followed so that the delivery of the images can be delivered to the client on promised time. As a matter of fact, timely delivery also shows the efficiency of the photographer.

So in order to conclude, it can be said that following a particular process or what is called as the workflow is very important for a wedding photographer. Many novice photographers tend to not follow such kind of a workflow and that’s where the efficiency comes into question. So, if you want to be the photographer admired by his/her clients, make sure you follow a certain workflow.