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10 Things to Stick to Before the Day of your Engagement

If weddings are full of enjoyment, colours, filled with music and happiness, then engagements are no less. The amount of glee is equal. The families are equally involved and superbly busy. The to-be bride and groom get butterflies in their stomach in the same way as it happens in their wedding. After all, it is one of the steps towards the wedding day. Engagement is one such ritual that makes you feel taken by the love of your life. Once an engagement is done, the families start preparing for the D-day. Though, many couples get engaged a year or months before the wedding day, but it does not lessen the amount of excitement. No matter when are you getting engaged, it is one of the important events of your life and there are a few of the things that you must do before the day of your engagement. Here is a list of some ideas that you should do one day before the engagement day.

  • Ensure the ring is ready: If the rings that you are going to make your partner wear are new, then those do not need any brush-up. However, if these are your family’s traditional rings (as some families prefer that way) or if it is the one that he proposed you with, then make sure you clean it and make it as shiny as possible. Also, if the rings are new, then both the to-be bride and groom need to make sure that these are of the right size. The main ritual on this day is to exchange rings, and if those are not ready, then there will be a huge goof-up which you will never want to witness. So, keep the rings ready and shiny.
  • Ensure the dress is ready: Your dress is going to catch a lot of attention from the guests who will be attending the function; therefore, you must pay heed to your dress. Not only it’s colour, design and quality matter, but also you need to make sure that it is completely ready the day before your engagement. If you do not find it ready in the last minute, it can give you a huge adrenaline rush. So, to avoid all such circumstance, keep the beautiful dress ready that you have been eyeing on since a long time.
  • Ensure the accessories match and are ready: We usually do not think a lot about the accessories but they do play a vital role in one such situation. You not only have to ensure that the accessories are matching with your engagement outfit or not but also need to be sure about the fact that they are ready for the special day. A small malfunction in them can lead to a big goof up. If one of the accessories does not match or goes missing, it has chances of ruining your entire look. So, keep your attractive accessories ready before the day of the engagement.
  • Ensure the photographer is ready: Being surrounded with social media platforms, we see engagement and wedding photographs now and then. It makes us feel as well to get some photographs of our engagement day clicked when we are exchanging rings with our to-be life partner. However, to do all such things, you need to get hold of a photographer who has experience of working on such events. An experienced photographer will always bring out some unique engagement photographs that will keep you remembering this special day for the rest of your life. To be on the safer side, contact the photographer a couple of months ahead of your engagement day. Also, explain everything about your expectations from him and be in touch with him until the work is completely done. Following him up will only help in keeping everything ready and at its normal pace.
  • Get some photographs clicked: The day before you are getting engaged is never going to come back in your life ever again. You are not going to be called a bachelor or a spinster ever again. So, you must enjoy this day with extra vigour. However, while you are living the day with fun and enthusiasm, do not forget to get some photographs clicked of yourself with your family and friends. It is not only you who is happy but your entire family and friends as well. So, get some photographs of the moments that you find special on this day. Don’t forget to keep your family and friends in the frame.
  • Ensure the right music is going to be played: It is going to be your engagement and everybody would want to tap their feet on the floor with some nice music in the background. Well, to keep everyone dancing, you need to make sure the music that is going to be played the next day is of the right kind. A small gap or the wrong music can ruin the entire mood of the guests who are overly excited for this day.
  • A salon visit is a must: You deserve to look beautiful, in fact, the prettiest on the day of your engagement. To look a head-turner, a salon visit is a must. However, choose a salon that is nearby your house. This will help you to save time and also avoid the chances of getting late to reach back home. Another thing to keep in mind is to choose the salon that you visit often. No matter how awesome it looks or how big of a brand it is, trying a new salon cannot be a wise idea always.
  • Take care of your skin: The days before the engagement day can be extremely busy. The days can go in a jiffy and you will not even be able to realise when it went so fast. In those days, you may not get a chance to take proper care of your skin. But skincare is something you should never stop doing, no matter how busy your schedule has been. If the major responsibilities of the arrangement for the function are on you, then make sure you eat only home-cooked food and drink plenty of water. This will help you keep up with good skin. Also, make sure you eat lots of fruits, salads and green vegetables during this period as it will make your skin glow even more. Keep the make-up items at a little distance one day or a week before the day of your engagement. Let your skin breathe. Even if you put some makeup on your face, make sure you go for deep cleansing at the end of the day.
  • Take care of your overall health: Engagement is different from the wedding, but this day plays an important role in our life. This is the day when we decide to be someone’s life partner or make someone our life partner with whom we will be until the last breath of our life. Therefore, to make this day a successful one, you must keep your health in good shape. Keep yourself away from everything that can result in you being sick. Also, one or two weeks ahead of the day of your engagement, start eating healthy, and resting properly. And, one day ahead of your engagement, eat less and eat healthily.
  • Get some good sleep: It happens with all of us that we get so excited about the day when we are going to get engaged that we forget to take proper sleep. However, the deficit of sleep can lead us to look dull and we may even fall sick by the day of our engagement. Moreover, when it is one day before the engagement, you must take proper sleep, so that your face looks fresh and you do not get tired easily. “Early to bed, early to rise” should be the mantra that you follow one day before the engagement.

These are just a few points that will help you to keep the day before your engagement in order. However, there are many more things that you will certainly want to do on this day. But keeping a to-do list will make things much easier and smoother for you. So, start working on your to-do list and hit your bed as early as possible, while you keep everything ready before that. These few things will certainly keep you all set for this special day of yours.