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16 Hindi Songs For A Unique Bridal Entry

The wedding happens only once! And, to make the day most memorable and maybe the next talk of the town, you must not leave any chance. One of the most interesting parts is the bridal entry. All eyes remain stuck on the bride, to see how beautiful she is looking on this special day of hers. The parents get moist-eyed, while the groom finds her a little more attractive in that avatar.

To wrap it up, the bridal entry is something that you must not take lightly. You are the bride, and you deserve to look unique on this day. Lady, are you ready to rock the floor? Well, find out some of the best bridal entry songs that can make everybody go gaga over the moment. The songs should be the ones that make every guest tap their feet on the floor and the kinds that they remember it even months after the wedding.

Here are some bridal entry songs that you may go through once. These have been sorted as per the kind of brides. Take a look and give them an ear.

If you are a romantic bride

You want some songs that can make you feel even more romantic. Here is a list of sweet songs that you can choose from:

#1 Moh Moh Ke Dhaage: You may find it a common song that is played in almost every wedding, but you cannot deny that it is one of the most preferred songs. This song will make you smile when played, no matter what.

#2 Tu Bin Bataye – Rang De Basanti: Despite the crowd that cheers you up while making the entry, your man’s eyes will be stuck on you. This song will make the situation personal and your man will undoubtedly feel special when this song is played.

#3 Afreen Afreen – Coke Studio Version: This song will always remain as one of the favourite songs ever. You might find it very common. But that does not make it get struck out of the list. You can get this in the list.

#4 Lagan Lagi Re: If you are fond of Rajasthani culture and its music, you will simply love this song too. Not many weddings have witnessed this song, but this is an apt song for the situation.

#5 Jag Ghoomeya – Female Version: This song is perfect if you want to make your man the most important on the day of your wedding. Making an entry with this song will make him feel that you are head over heels for him.

#6 Lae Dooba: This song is not used much. But this one is perfect to express your emotions at that very point. Let everyone know that you are smitten by him.

If you are a fun bride

You are not a big fan of the songs mentioned above? It’s okay! You still have many options. Here are some of them with higher beats:

#7 Kabira Encore: If you are a bad-ass bride, you will relate to this song. The beats in this song will pep you up and also go well with your personality.

#8 Samjhawan Unplugged: If you do not want to dance but want to make your entry in a vibrant yet classy way, you can choose this song. This song is classy and trendy in itself. You will never regret choosing this one.

#9 Karunesh by Punjab: This song might sound a little old school, but the emotions attached to it will never fade away. This song is not only perfect for entry of the bride but can be played in many rituals during the wedding.

#10 Teri Ore: Despite being used so many times in several weddings, this song hardly seems to grow old. If you play the lounge version, it will come with a modern touch. Make your way through the aisle with this beautiful song.

#11 Manwa Laage: If you are going to be a summer-wed, this song will be one of the top choices. Once you are walking down the aisle and this song is played, you cannot escape blushing. And yes, your man will blush too, for sure.

#12 Nachde Ne Saare: When this song is played and you are making your way towards your man through the aisle, it will leave everyone dancing in glee. This song has its aura to make everyone move their body with happiness.

If you are a Sufi bride

You are the kind of bride who is immensely in love with Sufi music and want one of those to be played on your bridal entry? Worry not! Your preference is kept in consideration and here is a list for you.

#13 Din Shagna Da: Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, and ‘din shagna da’ is played. Won’t it make the moment even more perfect? And of course, if you are a Sufi bride, you will certainly love this song being played at this moment.

#14 Latika’s Theme Song: This song is a blend of being powerful and shy. What can be a better one than this for a bride who is going to start a new life with her man in her way, yet she is so shy on this day of her wedding. This song has something that makes everyone fall in love with it, no matter what.

#15 O Re Piya: If a Sufi song is the one that you want to be played while you are making your bridal entry, then nothing can beat ‘O re Piya’. This song is simply perfect for the moment. Your man is certainly going to love it. Also, if you are a shy bride, you will not feel embarrassed, especially when this song is played.

#16 Jashne Bahara: This song from Jodha Akbar is one of the perfect songs for the situation. You are going to steal your man’s heart once again with this song. Love will be at its peak when this song is played in the background.

Music has always been known for healing us. There are songs for all kinds of situations. Especially, when the situations are the happy ones, we must choose some songs to make the best out of that time. And, when it is about entering into the hall or ‘mandap’ as a bride, you must not make any compromise and choose the apt song, and also touches your soul. You can either choose from the list mentioned in this blog, or choose some other that you may prefer. But whatever it is, it should be the best and the one that goes well with the circumstance and the mood.