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Delhi’s New And Improved Magical Wedding Cinematography

Through the lenses for an artist to bring to life the emotions of the bride, groom and their family, is an art. It’s easy to capture a picture or make a video, as we see these days it’s more like a trend than a passion. Can’t blame the world for trying to keep up, now can we? But to make you feel the same way as though you were being sent away instead of the bride, now that’s an emotion bending experience. 

How then do some people find the best way to express emotions through other people? Too many questions, such little answers! Have you ever watched a video, a wedding video that made you want to get married? Did it ever make you cry or just want to fall in love? It usually doesn’t happen quite often now, does it? Some people find wedding videos quite boring in fact. That’s not because they are heartless monsters, but because usually, these videos are pretty much the same. Similar music, the same “bride ke hath me mehndi” shoot, the whole family in the pictures, the “drunken uncle ka naagin dance”, the old Dadi sitting in the corner, the unhappy aunty and the small kids running wild like the sheep in the field. I mean it’s the same thing.

The best way to make your wedding video stand out is by hiring someone who doesn’t treat you like a customer but someone you wishes to focus on bring out your love story and making your emotions shine bright into the video.

Wedding cinematography is an artful presentation of your nuptial, which stands on the pillars and foundation of love, trust, respect, kindness and support for one another and each other’s family. This must be imbibed into the making of the video, so that when you look back into the very day, you will reinstall the same feelings into your hearts, even after many years to come.

Have you watched DDLJ or Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani or any other movies and wished to have a similar love story? Well, you can have your very own romantic movie in the form of your wedding video. Delhi being the capital of the country, it also happens to be the hub for most wedding cinematographers. Within its beautiful locations like Pride Plaza, Holiday Inn, Mallu Farms, Wedding Villa, you can shoot your very own romantic movie.

Be the Monalisa of your wedding video, and let the wedding cinematography explore your wedding and reception and making it so magically appealing to the eye of the viewer, so that when you show your friends and family who missed out on the epic fun, might as well get a chance to relive the wedding day as though they didn’t miss out on anything. Also, when your kids watch them, they might as well think, mom and dad were Prince and Princess of some magical land.