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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding Shoot

Weddings are fun. It is not only the couple that enjoys every bit of the day or the entire occasion, but their family and guests also share equal fun and joy. To freeze those moments, the best thing that comes into anybody’s mind is by hiring a professional wedding photographer. But, is a wedding photographer enough to make you relive those moments even in the years to come? Many might say yes, but those days are gone by. The concept of wedding videography has taken over wedding photography. In this blog, let us figure out some reasons that justify that wedding shoot or videography is a prudent idea:

Watch Yourselves as the Star of the Day

Your wedding day is perhaps the only day when you are seen as a star, even if you are actually not a star. Wherever you go, a bunch of people will follow you. Your dress, your footwear, your makeup, will be different from the rest of the crowd. Don’t you want to watch it all over again? Wedding videography will make it happen. Every moment will be taped and then converted into a soft copy, which you can watch as many times as you want.

Be a Guest to your own Wedding

That sounds weird and little perplexing right? Well, this simply means that you can see everyone else on your wedding day’s video as a guest. Like on that of the wedding day, you do not have to be conscious. You simply grab a glass of juice or a mug of coffee, sit down and relax and play the video. Yet once again, you can see the decoration, the smile on everybody’s face, the constant effort of your family to make everything right on that day, and of course the beautiful bride and the handsome groom. So, through your wedding video, you can watch everything like a guest at your wedding, years and years after.

Want to know how the Guests Reacted? Check it out!

The wedding day keeps you on your toes; no matter you are the families of the couple or the couple itself. It really becomes tough to see how the guests enjoyed on the day or if at all they enjoyed. Also, so many rituals take place in the days long wedding that it gets only tougher to see how the guests found it or reacted to each of them. When you get a wedding videographer, all such things can be taken care of later. You can just spare some time as per your own convenience and watch all of it in a single video. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? After all, it always feels good to see how your guests stared at you and smiled seeing you happy.

You don’t have to miss the Fashion and the Music

It is one of the most important days of your life and you have done a lot of shopping to look the best. But the truth remains the same that the wedding day turns out to be so exhausting that you hardly enjoy the attire. The beats of music that keep everybody tapping their feet on the day, certainly spare you as you cannot dance like there won’t be another day on your own wedding. Want to see how you looked on the special day of your life? Want to feel the music again and how everybody went crazy with it? Get a videographer and make him cover all of it. Yes, you can even look like a model shooting for a wedding album. Take all such feel by just hiring a wedding videographer. You can also say it like this that you are the main leads of your wedding film.

Remember each Minute Detail of the Day

It is obviously not possible for any bride or groom to remember major chunks of the day of their wedding. But when you have a wedding film of yours, you can easily recall each of the moments. The things you do not remember clearly, the things you did not witness but heard about, the things that you were not aware of have happened; you can find all of them through a wedding film.

To sum it up, wedding photographs always add to your memory when you flip each page of the wedding album, but a wedding video or a film takes you back on the day when you exchanged vows and how your entire family, friends and relatives came together to celebrate the beautiful moments. To recall those days and remember each of the moments, make sure you get in touch with a videographer who has hands-on experience in a wedding shoot. If you are especially in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, or even Faridabad, you will undoubtedly come across many such wedding videographers. However, the trick here is to find the one who can do justice to the wedding film which you can watch whenever you want in your life and feel exactly the same way you felt on this day.

Now you must be wondering about the factors that you need to keep in mind while looking for the best wedding videographer in Delhi. Mentioned hereinbelow are some of the points that will help you to find the kind of videographer that you are looking for:

# Years of Experience

With years of experience, comes the quality of work. This means, that a videographer who has many years of experience, can be expected to know about different styles of videography. He will know the perfect time to roll the camera. Also, he will be better at dealing with his clients, which will be you.

# Jiving with the Videographer

It is not only how the videographer is good at his work. You and he need to be synced. A certain comfort level needs to be there between you and your wedding videographer in order to bring out an unmatched wedding film.

When you choose a videographer, you have to keep the point in mind that he is going to be with you for the entire day, until the last moment of your wedding rituals. Therefore, he should be someone that you are comfortable with. After all, if a great comfort zone is there, confident is bound to reflect in the wedding shoot.

# Assistants to help them out

Many among us think that this point is not important, but seldom they realize that if assistants are there to help the videographer, the job becomes a lot easier. The videographer remains less overworked and can focus more easily on the work.

On a wedding, there are so many things to take care of. Along with the bride and groom, a videographer also needs to shoot all the rituals that take place. They have to be in more than one place at a time. But all these are not possible by a single person. This is the reason a videographer needs to have at least two assistants with him. When you are planning to hire a wedding videographer, make sure you choose the one who has a team or at least two assistants to help him out on the day of the wedding.

# Style of Videography and Editing

To discuss this point, it must be noted that you should check and talk about the style of videography that the videographer follows. The next thing to discuss in the same context is that of his editing style. The styles of videography are more or less the same, but what makes them different from each other is the style of editing. If you have anything specific in mind, you must talk about it in length with the videographer beforehand. This will save both, you and the wedding videographer from future confusion and disagreement.

# Their Previous Work

When you are meeting the videographer in person, you must make it a point to ask him for his previous work. His previous work will unearth a lot of facts about what he is going to do with your wedding film. Also, while you go through his previous work, you need to ensure that you check almost all of his work. This will give you an idea about how your wedding film will come along.

# Availability of Soft Copy

Gone are the days when the wedding videographer will have just a video cassette or DVD. In the present day, where the Internet rules almost every sector, everything can be stored in a cloud. You have to ask the videographer if he is at the same pace as the rest of the world and can give you a soft copy of the entire wedding film. This will make things easier for you to store, because even if the photographs get ruined, the DVDs get broken or scratched, the soft copy will remain safe.

# Discuss the Budget

This is usually discussed in the last half, but this is one of the most important points to talk with the wedding videographer. It may happen that everything goes well and when it is the time to discuss the budget, it comes as unaffordable. To avoid all such circumstances, the best idea is to discuss the budget and then hop on to other points.

# Mentioning the Deadline

Every couple has their own deadline. Some of them want it at the earliest, while some others are ready to wait. Depending upon what you want, you must talk about it to the wedding videographer even before you hire him. This will keep everything crystal clear between both the parties. Also, this will give the videographer a clear idea about the days within which he has to complete the work.

The day of your wedding comes once in a lifetime, and you must not let the moments go just like that. The photographs of your wedding day always support the nostalgia but a wedding video or film adds more life to it. Your memories of the day will remain alive and fresh every time you watch the wedding video. Also, you will be able to show it to your grandkids, someday in your life. So, make sure you hire a wedding photographer who does videography as well to add magic to your wedding day.

If you are anywhere in Delhi-NCR, and looking forward to hire a wedding photographer cum videographer, do not just believe in the words of mouth. The best option that you can opt for is browsing through the Internet. As a matter of fact, you will come across some of the best wedding photographers cum videographers in the city, who may even meet all your expectations. So, if your wedding day is nearby, you need to start your search for the best wedding videographer from three or six months ahead. Go ahead and find the one who works with you to make your wedding day memorable years after years.