Mask Soon to Become a Part of Pre-wedding Photography

Delhi, known for its past history, beautiful monuments, theatre, culture, fairs, busy markets, and glamour, has been a favourite city of many pre-wedding photographers for many years.  As a matter of fact, there was a time when couples planning to tie knots in other cities of India used to take inspiration from Delhi couple and the ideas of their pre-wedding shoots.  However, the present day scenario is not the same anymore. The smog that covers the city under the blanket of impure and poisonous air is making the couples ditch the gorgeous dresses for their pre-wedding shoots and switch on to wearing masks.

The idea of wearing masks and going hand in hand on the streets of Delhi is to showcase how the city has turned into a Gas Chamber. The level of pollution is increasing at an alarming rate and medical experts have declared the city a ‘public health emergency’.  It has been found that Delhites are breathing air that is ten times more toxic than that of Beijing. This is even making many people leave the city. Since the past two years, right after Diwali, the smog gets thicker and because of this many schools are temporarily shut down during that time of the year. Delhi people’s exposure to carcinogenic pollutants has made them visit the hospitals frequently.

Nevertheless, when pre-wedding photography is concerned, it is not possible to cover all of the things that are related to Delhi smog, but through the photography, the sad state of affair can be shown. It, in fact, is said to showcase such side of the city by a couple who are supposed to get into the most beautiful phase of their life. If the capital city of the country remains in such a state, the day is not far that all the pre-wedding photoshoots have to be done with masks worn by the couples; not because they want to bring forth this side of their city but because they will be left with no option.