Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas for Moms and Dads to be

Motherhood is bringing another human into the face of the earth. It is a joyous occasion and photographs are captured in this course of nine months through the lenses to forge the memory forever. Both husband and wife find this very important and it is something both nurture with all of their attention. This also brings them both even closer to each other. From dealing with mood swings and hunger to going through the childbirth both are equally emotionally invested.

Here are some maternity photo shoot ideas that the parents to be can opt for:-

  • The classic belly: The star of the photo shoot is the “belly”. Make the star shine. You can focus on the belly. The dad to be can kiss the belly, or make a heart on the belly, the belly can be painted. The sky is the limit. Use all type of innovative ideas to create your unique style. Belly being the main focus keeping in mind to make the star shine is important. Use the belly to get the perfect cute shot and capture this unique moment forever.
  • “I am going to be a brother/ sister”: If this isn’t your first baby, use your other baby to tell the world that they are going to be an elder brother or sister. You can use chalkboard, balloons, chart papers, anything to spread the word.
  • Props are good: You can use various props such as the ultrasound pictures, balloons, tiny baby outfits or shoes, toys, anything related to baby in the picture, to make it more colourful and interesting. You can spell out the future baby name on the sand beach or use blocks to introduce the world of the date of their birth.
  • Beyoncé style: If you’re like being extra, go all out and get yourself a full-blown background with flowers or pictures and get a silhouette. It’s your day girl, shine through that pregnancy. This is the time when you own your awesome pregnant figure and flaunt it like a boss. This also helps you boost your confidence and makes you feel stronger.
  • All hands on deck: If you’re a family of more than just two, use all hands on deck. Find a beautiful place and get a cute goofy family photo shoot. It’s all going to be worth it. Go ahead and get a mommy-daughter or mommy-son shot.

Pregnancy is a memory lane of ups and downs for a woman and she goes through it all with a lot of patience and love. It is something they want to remember forever. No matter all the hardship they go through, it is always worth it at the end once the baby is out in the world. Having the ability to keep all these memories fresh in frames is a new blessing.