pre wedding pose

Posing Tips for Pre-wedding Photography

Taking pictures of a couple often becomes difficult and tricky than clicking individuals. Most of the times it happens that couples become too conscious when they stand in front of a camera. But on the other hand, when the couple photo shoot is over, the happiness of getting the photographs is of a different level. The photographs remain as a constant reminder of their togetherness.

Nevertheless, here are some posing tips for both the photographer and the couples, so that the outcome really happens to be great.

  • Comfort Level: The comfort level between the pre-wedding photographer and the couple has to be great. If the couple does not feel comfortable enough during the photoshoot, the love between them will not reflect in the photographs. Therefore, the photographer and the couple must talk and make themselves comfortable with each other before the shoot takes place.
  • Know the Couple in Person: Getting to know the couple will help the photographer to shoot easily. He/she will easily know if the couple is an introvert or an extrovert, or which kind of location do they prefer more. This will help the photographer to get poses from the couple that look natural.
  • Asking the Couple to Pose Themselves: It would be prudent for the photographer to let the couple pose themselves. If the pre-wedding photographer tells them how to pose in front of the camera, chances are higher that they do not get too comfortable with the idea or their body language does not look natural. It will only ruin the beauty of the photos. While they pose themselves, they will look more confident and usual.
  • Add Some Actions in the Frame: The photographer can ask the couple to get into some action such as taking a stroll in the sea beach, going for a light couple dance, etc. This will add life to the photographs.
  • Experiment with Poses: The photographer must not remain stuck with just some certain poses; instead both the parties must try out some experiments with poses. The couple should feel free to try different poses and the photographer must keep on clicking. They must try anything and everything in which the couple feels confident about themselves.

Both the parties, the couple and the pre-wedding photographer must try to indulge themselves into some fun activities during the photo shoot, so that the shoot gets really candid. If both of them limit themselves to only a few poses, it may happen that the photographs may lose the natural essence. Something that has to be kept in mind is that the love of the couple should reflect in the photographs.

Apart from these tips, there is a number of others as well. However, it is wise for the couple as well as the pre-wedding photographer that they start with the above-mentioned tips and check the outcome. After all, it is the wish of almost every couple to keep these photographs always close to them and cherish every moment that they spent together in life.