Quick Hairstyle Tips for Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is every girl’s dream, right after picturing herself in the white dress. We all eagerly hope that our friends get married soon so we can play our part by their side on their big day. On this big day, a lot of decisions have to be taken, such as dress, makeup, hair, to name a few. Some brides prefer to choose these for the bridesmaids; while some let them choose for themselves. Though some choose to rely solely on a hairdresser for the day; if you choose to go ahead and take a leap of faith and wing it your style then Kudos to you for your efforts.

If you are a future bridesmaid and are confused as to what hairdo is the best for the day, then here are a few hairstyle ideas for you. Feel free to recreate these looks and give it a touch of your style:-

1) Straight open hair: Long hair or short hair, a clean straight hair that is let loose to whirl with the light breeze of the day, gives your look a flawless finish.

2) Soft light bouncy Curls: Curls give your hair some volume and bounce, and they are gorgeous for the occasion.

3) Braids/ Plaits: No matter if you have your hair open or in a bun, take the front section of your hair and braid them to get yourself a hairband effect. This hairstyle frames your hair and keeps your baby hair and fringes away from your forehead, giving you a hassle-free day to enjoy the festivities.

4) Topknot: If you are looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t involve your hair anywhere near your shoulder, tie it up into a bun. You can dress up or down this look according to your choice. If you want it to be sleek and stylish, make it so; and if you want it to be more casual, make it a little messy and cute. It’s up to you.

5) Mix and match: You can try hairstyles that are a mix of the above mentioned. You can opt for a “half updo” in which just take half the hair from your crown and then tie it up, you can wear this with straight or curly hair. For a more casual look, opt for beachy wave for your hair. You can also pull all your hair to one side to and accessorize it with some studded clips to finish the look.

6) Dutch braid updo: For this look, you just have to braid your hair inside-out, and clip your hair into a bun. Pulling on some baby hair and fringes, this look is going to look phenomenal for the occasion.

7) Accessories: Use flowers, ferns and petals and accessories like clips, headpiece and other ornaments to add to the hairstyle. This will give your hair some extra wow factor.
bridal makeup

The special day is to be cherished and what’s important is that you own your look. So whatever hairstyle you pick, add a little touch of your essence into it to stand out of the crowd of people and leave a statement. Who knows your look might end up being an inspiration for a lot.