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Rock your Mehndi Ceremony with these Five Tips and Outfit Ideas, That’s Quick and Easy

Mehendi ceremony is one of the many ceremonies that happen before the wedding. It is an occasion for the family of both the bride and groom to rejoice and come together in merrymaking. In this ceremony usually, the ladies of both the family take part and the men usually aren’t seen around. The Mehandi ceremony has a huge significance as it is not only a part of the ‘Solah Shringar’ or the 16 things that make the bride a complete bride but it also has a scientific reason. Since the bride is extremely nervous about the wedding, the mehndi has some calming essence in them, when helps cool down the bride’s nerves. When we are talking about marriage, something that takes up most of our time is deciding what to wear. And that is something we all need some help with. Fear, not my friend, this piece of information is here for the rescue.

Here are some outfit ideas and tips to spice up your Mehandi outfit and make it a memorable one.

  • Pink, yellow and orange: When it comes to choosing colours for a wedding, people go overboard with the dark colours. Choose light coloured for your Mehendi ceremony. Light pink and orange are a few colours that look good on almost every person. Choosing light shades have many benefits: one, you look utterly bright and beautiful; two, it is easier to maintain, it is light and breezy, are a few to name. They make you look effortlessly elegant.
  • Threadwork: Nothing beats an outfit with thread work on it. The elegance and traditionalism of it is just something else. When you are out of ideas and you want to stand out, pick something like this. It is sure to get some heads turning on your special day.
  • Pack a rainbow: This may sound a little biased here, but Priyanka Chopra‘s mehndi ceremony outfit was liked by most of the people and it made the internet go gaga over the dress. Pack your Mehendi with a rainbow skirt and become the highlight of the day. It is something everyone is going to remember.
  • Little Mermaid: Mehndi ceremony is something with which you can go ahead and go all out. It has no limits and you can dress as you like. If you always wanted to be a Disney princess and didn’t get a chance, go ahead and get yourself a mermaid tail skirt.
  • Accessories: Since you will be mostly stuck in one place for most of the day and your hands and legs are going to be drawn upon, you can still accessories yourself. Various headgear is there, such as flower crowns, maang tikka, some amazing hairstyles. You can also wear chocked necklaces or statement pieces necklaces that will help you finish off your look.

Outfit Ideas:

1) The traditional: If you are someone who likes to live by books and like to do things the traditional way, then go ahead and wear a beautiful lehenga. You can still make it special by the extra bang with a lot of dazzles, low cut blouse and a beautiful colour combination such as red and blue, or red and green, or orange and pink, or pink and blue, or purple and white or light ocean green colour.

  1. Lehenga: The typical blouse and long skirt with a dupatta. Some ways to enhance this outfit is one, you can wear a simple blouse and skirt and let the dupatta be the star of the show, you could have the other way around. Variations in the design and colour make each lehenga stand out.
  2. Sharara: A sharara is pretty similar to a lehenga, except the skirt is not skirt; it is like a hidden pant. They also are extremely popular and when accessorised in the right order may look extremely elegant.
  3. Salwar kameez: This is not as widely popular as the other two, but when done right can make you stand out since it is something not everyone will be expecting. Dazzling salwar with rhinestones and lots of beads can make the outfit look very attractive and different. A nice low cut back with a knot and tight fittings and sleeves to the elbow is super cute and stylish.
  4. Saree: Different coloured sarees with stylish blouses make the bride look super stunning and gorgeous. The saree can be either of silk or chiffon or any other material. It can also vary in colour and texture depending on the bride’s choice.

    2) Unorthodox:
    If you are someone who does not live by the books then the sky is the limit, you can wear the same traditional outfits in different ways. All thanks to ever-evolving fashion!

    1. Blouse: The evolution in fashion has brought many changes and variations in the design of the blouse, some of it is off-shoulder, cold shoulder long sleeves and short sleeves. The new trend is the use of collar shirts as a blouse, and top it off with a big pearl necklace. The blues can also be fully studded with rhinestones or lacey if you are going for a sexier look. Velvet blouse has also become popular.
    2. Skirt: The skirt or the lehenga can be of various colours, designs or styles. If you want to be out of the box and do not mind looking extra sexy, try a see-through skirt bedazzled with rhinestones and wear a pair of skin-coloured leggings underneath.  Largely popular these days are tasselled skirts or frilly shirts. You can go rainbow with the skirt. It is your playground, use your imagination to be as creative as you can with your outfit.
    3. Saree: Instead of wearing your saree in the one fashion that everyone wears, try wearing it in different styles, refer to YouTubers or fashion bloggers for some inspiration. They have some of the best styles when it comes to wearing sarees in different styles. You can accessorise your saree with the chains across your necks and shoulder or even your belly. You can wear it with a coat for the more extra look, or try throwing on some shirt and trying a knot instead of wearing a blouse.
    4. All black is uncommon amongst the brides. If you are not much of someone who is a believer of superstitions, then go ahead and rock a black outfit.

These are only a few ideas, when it comes to dressing up in such a way that “you” are the focus. Dress in your style, something that expresses who you are and what you stand for. What is your style? If you are more of a girly girl, dazzle and upbeat bright colours are your go-to style. If you are more of a tomboy then go ahead modernise your outfit with some accessories or something extra. An occasion like a wedding is your time to shine. Making sure you look the best and your outfit is something you can look back to years and years later, should still make you feel special.  You would not want to regret that you couldn’t or didn’t feel like yourself on your special occasion. Have fun while choosing your outfit, try new things and different ideas to find yourself your perfect outfit.