SEO for Wedding Photographers – New Way to Get in Touch with Clients

Gone are the days when we used to rely upon word of mouth in order to find a wedding photographer. Over the years, the idea has changed completely. Now when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, we straightly visit the search engines and type keywords like “best wedding photographer in Delhi (your city)”. This way we find the photographer who can serve our purpose and give us the sort of photographs that we are looking for. What is even better about finding a wedding photographer online is that we can get to know their charges, thus, we can choose accordingly.

If you are a wedding photographer and want to get into the top list in the search engines, then here are some tips for you with the help of which you can do your SEO and get what you want.

  • Focus on Content: Content is perhaps the first thing that you must focus on when it comes to rank higher in the search engines. If you make your content keyword specific, it will be easier for the clients to search your content and get in touch with you. Make sure the content is very engaging and free of repetition and plagiarism.
  • Right Keywords: While you fill the content with keywords, wherever it is required, make sure you choose the right keywords and the keyword density is right. By the right keywords, it is meant that you should choose the keywords that have higher chances of getting searched by people. If you choose the average keywords without being even sure that people would use such keywords to search wedding photographers, chances are there that your content remains unnoticed.
  • Keep the Linking Game Right: When it comes to links, make sure you do everything, right from link building, external links, quality links, and relevant links. However, do not overdo it. Just keep three to four links in your content, at the maximum. Also, you can link your home page as well as social media pages to the content.
  • Try Adding Alt Tags and Titles: If you only add images to your content, it will not be understood by Google. The king of all search engines, Google will understand if you add Alt tags and titles to the images. This way Google will index the images. Using the right words for the images will help the clients to search your content and its images as when they search for it, the image will pop up in their window.
  • Make Your Site Mobile Friendly: These days people hardly sit with their laptop and find wedding photographers. Almost everybody has got a smart phone and they do their search through a smartphone only. So, make sure you make your website mobile friendly so that they can carry on their search through their phone.

These are just some tips which can help you reach your clients without any hassle. You can give as much information about yourself as you want. So what is that stopping you? Make your website and content popular on the web and get connected to your clients.