Two Ws and One H about Wedding Photography

When it is about our wedding, it is not only us but also our family eagerly waits for the day. When the day actually comes, we all get so busy with everything that we hardly notice what all are actually happening. That’s what actually makes wedding photography important. In this blog, let us discuss some of the Ws and one H such as Why, Where and How for hiring a wedding photographer.

Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

It is not only you or me; there are many people who think that anybody who has a good idea about photography or has clicked some good photographs can do the job of a wedding photographer. However, such is not the case. When we see the photographs, we can easily find out the difference between the ones clicked by random photographers and the ones clicked by professional photographers.

Another thing that we all must note down is that the work of a photographer, who is specialized in wedding photography, will always be different from that of photographers who are specialized in other areas. Therefore, while we choose a wedding photographer, we must make sure that he/she is a specialized professional. Something to remember is that the photographs of your wedding will not be temporary; rather those will be seen even by your grandchildren. Therefore, compromising the quality will not be a prudent idea. All you need is a wedding photographer, who has a handful of experience in the field.

Where to Find a Professional Wedding Photographer?

In the age of the 5G Internet, it, of course, is not a herculean task to find a professional wedding photographer. Just good research with the right set of keywords will bring you a list of wedding photographers in your area. But hold on! That’s not the right way mate. Well, the reviews you see in every photographer’s site or even in the public forums need not be authentic. We all know that those reviews can be got by just requesting friends or paying out some money to the reviewers. Wondering how to do the job then? When you are getting married, you are must be of the age range in which many of your friends are also getting hitched. Spare some time and try to go through the wedding albums of your friends. The ones you like, you can try to get information about the wedding photographer from them. You must be aware of the fact that nothing works better than the word of mouth. All that you need to do is to check out the wedding albums of the newlyweds in your group.

Another option that you might want to give a try to is the wedding venue you have chosen for your D-day. Since the numbers of weddings are conducted at the wedding venues, they will be able to give you information about the wedding photographers that they consider the best. So, problem solved; hasn’t it?

How to Check the Quality Work of the Wedding Photographer?

Finding a wedding photographer is not as tough as confirming that he is the right one to be hired for your special day. The foremost thing to do is to meet the photographer in person. Exchanging conversation with him will answer many of your questions. Also, when you meet him, you must ask all the questions that are in your head regarding your wedding photography. A certain level of comfort should be there between you and the photographer you are going to hire. So, you must keep all your senses open to find out if you are comfortable with your wedding photographer.

Another thing to do about it is that you must ask for the albums of his work so far. Just keep in mind to check not only the ones he shows you all by himself, rather ask him to show all the albums he has of his work. Many times the photographers try to show only the albums of their best work, while they hide the ones of their average work. If you want to see what the photographer is actually up to, you must go through the albums of his average work as well.

These are a few of the Ws and H of wedding photography that you must include in your search for a wedding photographer who can do justice to your wedding album. These three are enough to give you a result that you are looking for. But, these are not everything that should be included in your list of Do’s and Don’ts. The other things that you must consider while hiring a professional wedding photographer are mentioned herein below:

Your Budget

Everyone has a certain budget when it is about getting married. You also must have one. You need to ask all the wedding photographers you are considering about the budget part. Only if you can pay them what they ask for, you can proceed with everything else. If you do not have a clear idea about the budget and plan to pay it later after everything is over, it may come as a shock to you. So, make sure you clear all your confusions about the budget you have set for the wedding photography part for your big day.

Be Sure of your Style

There are so many styles and each of the wedding photographers follows one or a few of them. So, before you reach out to a particular photographer, you need to be certain about the style you have in mind. When you meet the photographer, you can ask him all the styles that he is good at, and then you can proceed with the ones that you prefer. You might also want to hire the one who masters in various styles.

Take Suggestions of the Newlyweds

If this part is going to be your first and the last time, there are fair chances that you might end up making some mistakes due to lack of experience. That is the reason why you must take suggestions from your friends who have recently got married. They would, of course, have better ideas than you as they are experienced by now. While you take a suggestion from your newlywed friends, you must make it a point to ask them everything that you need to know and talk about with the wedding photographer.

Quick Booking

When you clear all your queries about a wedding photographer and are sure about hiring him, you should do the booking part quickly. You must be wondering why you need to do it so fast. Well, if you are looking for the best photographer, you need to do a quick booking. The best photographers in the city or town are usually booked in advance. The faster you seal the deal, the best one you can expect to get.

Getting the best wedding photographer is nothing impossible. But all that you need is to have or give it some time. When it is about deciding your wedding photographer, you must not keep it for the last hours. Spare a good amount of time and then with a calm and relaxed mind, you can go ahead and do the job. When it is about hiring a wedding photographer, we need to keep in mind that it is not only about the photographs of you two as a couple; it is about all the moments that you, your family and friends are going to have in the wedding. There are too many things that happen on the wedding day, but since we all are busy with so many responsibilities, we tend to either miss them out or just simply forget about it. This is what makes the importance of a wedding photographer. But just don’t settle for any wedding photographer. Make sure you find the best of the lot. If you think your budget is not high, hence you will not get the kind of service you want, you are wrong.

There are wedding photographers in every city within all types of budgets. This clearly states that you can undoubtedly find a wedding photographer who can fit within your budget. And if you get him, don’t just leave him. After all, the wedding day goes with just blinking of eyes, and we can remember the moments we spend in it by looking at the photographs years after years.

If you are in cities like Noida, Ghaziabad or Delhi NCR, you can do this job easily. There are so many talents in these cities that you will get confused about who to choose and who not to. You can take either way to search the wedding photographer of your choice, which is through the Internet or word of mouth. The best thing is you can simply meet them as per your convenience and finalize them. Some of them do both wedding and pre-wedding photo shoots. And the best part of this is that you can get it in the package.

So now that you have enough information on how to start your journey of finding a wedding photographer, you can move ahead and commence your search. Wish you all the good luck in this phase!