Wedding Photographs

What Should You Wear in a Wedding – From a Photographer’s Perspective

Choosing a dress to look marvellous in a wedding is everybody’s secret wish. Many of us also want to get clicked in the best possible way but what we don’t understand is that we should choose our dress wisely to serve the purpose. Many photographers suggest that good photographs are also the result of the dresses and even their colours. Here are some tips for all those who want to be the best subject of the camera in the photography

  • Go with the Venue: This is perhaps one of the wisest ways suggested by wedding photographers to avoid any kind of disappointment later. When you dress according to the wedding venue, you will undoubtedly look the best. Also, it will show that you have the right dress sense. So, something that you have to put effort on to is, knowing the wedding venue.
  • Do not over Accessorize: It is always the best idea to wear light jewellery. If you over accessorize yourself, you will look more of an ambassador advertising the jewellery. The entire focus will shift from you to the jewellery you are wearing.
  • Avoid Wearing White: A white dress in Indian wedding is never welcome. Every guest must remember that no matter what, a white dress may change the beauty of the wedding. Also, it does not always go well with the Indian complexions. Therefore, people must choose a rich colour that makes them look even pictures
  • Dress up According to the Time of Wedding: The time of Indian wedding is like variations of Indian communities and religions. The time of the weddings are arranged as per the rules of the communities and religions of the bride and groom. Therefore, to get great pictures, you need to dress up according to the time of the wedding. If it is a day wedding, you should wear something lighter in colour and if it is going to take place at night, you must wear a dress of a darker shade.
  • Wear Shoes that go Well with Your Dress: while you are all set to get clicked and you can keep the photographs as memories for the entire life, you need to make sure that you are wearing the footwear. This is perhaps one of the most important areas that every person should pay heed to. If you wear the wrong pair of shoes, which does not go with your dress at all, no matter how much of effort you put, all of it will go in vain.
  • The Makeup should be done Right: This is something very serious to keep in mind. You should not over-do when it comes to makeup. Also, the makeup should go well with the dress and the time of the dress

These are some of the tips that are usually suggested by the photographers for guests who attend a wedding and wish to get clicked in the most amazing manner. So, try these tips this time and get ready to have some photographs that you find hard to take your eyes off from.