pre wedding photographer

Why Pre-wedding Photography is Becoming Popular?

The “couple to be” these days want to do everything their way, from having their destination weddings to fusion ceremonies and custom written marriage vows. This also applies to the wedding photographs which are a welcome break from the serious-faced bride and from forced to sit in uncomfortable positions for hours and get clicked. The modern wedding photography depends more heavily on the skilled photographers capturing the shots, candidly and discreetly while the wedding progresses. Whether you would like to test out a wedding photographer or just capture some candid “Before we say we do” moments, the pre wedding photography can serve as the perfect occasion to have some great creative snaps of the couple to be.

As the name suggests pre-wedding photography is a photography session that can be booked with the professional wedding photographer before the actual ceremony. Here are four reasons why you might consider going for one.

  1. Get comfy with the camera: For the couples, who have not had a lot of time with the camera previously, can use this opportunity to develop their comfort level with the camera. This ensures that you minimize your chances of having camera jitters and work on your nerves while facing the camera. The pre-wedding photo shoot boosts your confidence and preps you for the real thing. This is especially useful for couples who are camera shy and they can learn a great deal from the photographers using this time to educate them on the basics of photography, modelling and posing.
  2. Develop a relationship with your photographers: The photographer and you need to be on the same page for the magic to happen. The pre wedding photography is a great opportunity for both of you to meet and set mutual expectations. As you gather more information about the photographer’s working style and make an honest evaluation of their skills and work ethics, the photographer gets to understand your best angles and work with you before the main event to understand your comfort level. You can also use this opportunity to visit the photographer’s studio and sometimes review their work.
  3. You get some great snaps: The pre-wedding photo shoot can get you some wonderful photographs with your would-be which can make for a great photography material to include in your wedding invite, social media and wedding stationery. Some of the great snaps can even be framed for decorating your place. It may serve as a great memento for your upcoming life together and can even become part of your wedding album. Another great use of these pictures is in the slideshow at the wedding venue.
  4. A perfect dress rehearsal in the venue of your choice: The pre wedding photography is the perfect occasion you to not only do a dry run of your hair, makeup and wedding attire but also get clicked outside of the wedding venue. Usually, the couples have to be limited to the wedding venue or the respective homes when it comes to photography due to the hustle bustle of the wedding. The pre wedding photo shoot gives them time to experiment with different lightings along with the dress for the occasion.

The above reasons are just a few of many that can make you consider a pre-wedding photography session. As a bonus tip, you may just want to get a custom calendar printed for your work desk out of these photographs or go ahead and make a music video, forever cherishing the excitement you felt before you said “I do”. Remember to clearly explain your expectations to your photographer and check his/her availability just like the wedding photography to make the most out of this opportunity.