10 Points to Consider while Planning an Indian Wedding

For an Indian household, a wedding is one of the most important events, not only for the couple but for their entire family and relatives. Ever since a boy or a girl crosses their teenage phase of life, their parents start dreaming about their marriage. No matter what one does, he/she has to get married and a range of age is set by the Indian society for a girl or a boy to get married. And when they mean marriage, it is an event that nobody would want to miss out. Indians, no matter which region they come from, try to make the weddings as colourful and delightful as they can. Though with such diverse cultures across the country, every community has its kind of wedding, and each of them is beautiful.

Although the event is tied up with glee, food, beautiful dresses and so many emotions, it becomes tough to make the arrangements without leaving a chance for anyone to make any kind of complaint. If your wedding date has been finalized and everything seems confusing right now, then here are some points mentioned for you. Following these points can help you plan it properly and create a lesser mess, of course.

  • Budget: Believe it or not, the base of a wedding or any event is the budget. Until and unless you know what the budget is, you will not be able to decide or make any kind of arrangements. Therefore, decide your budget and then hop on to other steps.
  • Timeline: If the wedding date has been finalized for three months, then you have to decide a timeline by which everything has to be ready. Taking the timeline for the last day can create a lot of hotch-potch and many things may remain undone. Try to finish all the arrangements within two months, so that you will have one whole month in your hands which can be utilized for the rest of the work.
  • Guests: This is one of the most important points while making all the arrangements. You need to decide who all you want to invite over the wedding. Knowing how many guests are coming over to attend the wedding is important as it will help you to give an estimate to the caterers.
  • Booking caterers: Food is one of the main areas in an Indian wedding party. You must take this part very seriously because if the food does not taste good, you can expect some harsh criticisms coming your way. Therefore, you must get in touch with the best catering services in the city who not only come up with delicious food but also serves everything in the right way. Also, you need to do it properly and before the best ones get booked because during the wedding season, the demand for catering services also gets higher. Therefore, do not take it lightly and start your search for the right caterers now only.
  • Venue: Getting the right venue during the wedding seasons is a tricky job. Everyone wants the best venue in the right budget; thus, all the sought after venues get booked fast. Therefore, the day your wedding date gets finalized, you must finalize the venue as well, so that the best one for you does not slip off your hands.
  • Wedding cards: If you want guests to come over to your wedding and bless you to start a new phase of your life, you need to invite them over with respect. Therefore, you must decide on the best wedding cards and send them to your guests as early as possible. To make them remember every bit of your wedding, make sure you choose a wedding card that is unique or you can customize it. You can design it with your photos or can add a catchy yet emotional note on it.
  • Wedding rings and jewellery: Wedding rings and other jewellery are very important in any Indian wedding. Therefore, you must get the right size of the jewellery for both the bride and groom and get it ready at the earliest. Many times the delivery of customized jewellery gets delayed. To avoid any problem in the last hours, get it delivered as soon as it is possible for you.
  • Wedding dress: You might think that shops and stores have a great collection of wedding dresses and you can buy your one later, just a few days before the wedding. But what you are ignoring is the fact that during the wedding season, more than a thousand weddings take place on a single day. And you will not want to wear an average wedding dress. If you want to customize your wedding dress, then you must hurry. Decide the design of your wedding dress and contact your favourite designer to get it stitched.
  • Wedding Photos and Videos: The days of the wedding will pass in the blink of your eyes. There are fair chances that you may not even remember all the details. That is when you need the help of a wedding photographer and videographer. It is better if both the work is done by one man and his team only. Therefore, you must get in touch with a wedding photographer who will also work on the videography part and bring you the best results. The memories of your wedding will be saved in the photos and videos forever and you can watch them whenever you want.
  • Thank you note: Taking care of the guests at the wedding comes under the Indian culture. Therefore, you can keep some thank you note or return gifts ready for the guests. When the guests are leaving after attending the birthday party, you can just give them a return gift or a thank you note, showing your gratitude towards them.

There are many nitty and gritty that is required to be covered in a wedding, if you want to make it perfect. However, the above-mentioned points can get you started for the wedding arrangements and streamline everything.