pre wedding shoot

What to Wear in a Pre-wedding Shoot

A pre-wedding shoot is not just a photoshoot, it’s an emotion. Wondering why? The moments that are being captured now, will never come back. You will certainly start a new life together and anywhere you go, you will do things together. But the pre-wedding period has its charm. And, the best way to preserve these memories is by getting a pre-wedding photo shoot done. No matter you are in Ghaziabad or Noida, Faridabad or Gurugram, or you are in Delhi; there is the number of pre-wedding shoot services you can get in touch with.

However, while getting everything done, you must not forget dressing well, because clothes play a vital role in any sort of photoshoot. So, here are some options mentioned for both Men and Women that they can choose from:

For Women

An Ordinary Ethnic Suit: The best way to choose a dress for any season is an ethnic suit made of cotton fabric. And, if you are choosing a Mustard Field or an archaeological place as your photoshoot venue, then it will suit you the best.

An Anarkali Suit: The only difference it will make from the previous option is that this kind of a suit goes well on every body type. So, if you are confused about the types of dresses that will make you look good, you can very well choose an Anarkali dress and proceed to rock the show.

Saree: After all, it is your pre-wedding shoot, you can very well drape a beautiful saree and start posing. With a saree, you can get whatever style you want, retro or the modern.

A Short Dress: Yes a short dress is another best option. No matter what your shoot venue is, a short dress will always look well.

Maxi Dress: A maxi dress does not only look good but it makes the lady look comfortable in it. Maxi dresses are easy to manage and you can go on clicking funky poses in it.

Skirt and a Top: If it’s summer season, you can flaunt your beautiful skirt and that amazingly comfortable top. But do not forget to match the dress with some awesome junk jewellery.

For Men

Suit: The easiest way to match with your lady’s dress is a suit. No matter what she is wearing, a suit will always go well with that. On top of that, men look good in suits.

A Casual Dress: If it is day time, you can just put on a casual dress, which can be a pair of three-fourth pants and a polo-neck t-shirt.

Nehru Jacket: If her ethnic dress is just too beautiful and you are all confused about how to match her well, pick a Nehru jacket. It will certainly solve the problem.

Semi-formal: If your lady is in her gown but it is a day time, you can go for a semi-formal dress.

A Light Jacket: If it is winter, you will not have many options. But looking heavy on clothes won’t make it better. You can choose a light jacket to look good and save yourself from the chilling weather.

However, when we talk about dresses for the pre-wedding shoot, the foremost thing that needs to be considered is the dress your other half is wearing. The dress co-ordination is one of the most important things that need to be taken care of. The other thing that has to be considered is the type of accessories and footwear you have to match with your dress. If the accessories and footwear do not go well, you will end up looking like a fashion disaster. So that everything needs to be kept in mind.

While you are deciding on the selection of your dress, you need to consider the time of your day and the season. Dressing according to the time of the day and as per the season is vital. If you wear linen in Delhi winters, it will not be appreciated. Also, the venue will have to be taken care of. If it by the sea, try wearing something light and loose.

The idea is to bring emotions, style, attractiveness, and memories all together in the pre-wedding shoot album. You need to understand, these moments will never come back. So live every single second of it and preserve them in a way that you can cherish the memories all through your life.